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Grind - John Keene and Nicholas Muellner


By John Keene and Nicholas Muellner

From the publisher:

"Shockingly revealing selfies, fanciful relationship criteria, and up-front sexual queries on social media apps and websites provide the foundation for the visual and textual conversation of GRIND, an art-text collaboration between poet John Keene and photographer Nicholas Muellner. Mixing found texts and curated photos, GRIND's authors explore contemporary queer dating sites’ distinctive and sometimes absurd combination of anonymity and candor, caginess and vulnerability, and sincerity and humor. GRIND suggests that the desire for connection is constant and complex, with as much comedy as pathos."

2016, Image Text Ithaca, 48 pages, 5 x 6.25 inches, hardback with paper wrapped boards and foil-stamped cover, edition of 200, design by Elana Schlenker